Sunday, November 15, 2015

Do's and Don'ts

Do: Be flexible
With such a short time in your hands, you would need to negotiate. Although you might end up not hiring your favorite vendors, you can still ask them to refer to other vendors they know well. They will surely be happy to help you.

Don't: Take every matter into your own hands
Asking for help from your surroundings should be the first thing you do. Unless you're opting to elope, don't tire yourself by doing everything on your own.

Do: Stick to your schedule
Try to be strict with your own agenda and keep track of things that you have and haven't done. You need to always have a check list. Print out the timeline we shared with you to help you stay in-line with the planning process.

Don't: Have too many options
Don't bother opening yourself up to every choice available. Narrow down what you need and don't need, like and don't like. The key to this is sticking to the theme you have chosen in the first place and separating things that are unrelated and unnecessary.

Do: Cooperate with your vendors
Listening to the pros might be your best choice in this critical planning time. They must have faced this situation many times before and will know the best way to get your planning done in time perfectly.

Don't: Ask for too much advice
This is the best time to make decisions quickly. It's good to hear others' perspectives, but listening to too many opinions will only confuse you. So, decide clearly what you want, for example, how your dress will look, and ask only few people to help you. The faster you decide, the more time you will have to double check other things.

Do: Listen to your closest ones
Your closest relatives and friends are the best helping hands you can ask for. As they know your condition more than anyone else, they can surely help you get everything you need and ease your stressful planning.


21 & 31

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Kegugupan yang hadir kala itu adalah suasana gugup yang gegap-gempita dan meluap-luap dalam hati. Iya, hanya sanggup diekspresikan dalam hati saja saking gugupnya. Lalu dihasilkanlah refleks melalui bahasa tubuh yang lebih merona dari biasanya, senyuman yang lebih lebar dari biasanya, dan degupan dada yang lebih kencang dari biasanya. Hembusan angin lembut pada pagi itu juga tak ketinggalan ikut menyambut kami. Membuat sebuah cerita baru yang akan kami lalui. Cerita yang akan kami kenang. In Syaa Allah.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Aku Membacanya

Aku membaca masa depan yang biru di matamu
Mengeja aksara dunia yang semula buta
Aku membaca bait puisi dalam diammu
Kini aku membacanya. Sungguh!
Samarinda, 07 November 2015