Saturday, March 24, 2012


Wohoooo!!! finally i made a cupcake for the first time!!! It was quite stressing though -______- Guess, i made it for about 2 hours. ONLY for ONE cupcake!! >______< but i'm happy with the result hehehe ..

FYI, this couple of days totally made my mood jump to the sky hehehe. Eveything made me so happy happy happy .. Yesterday, I went to Depok and met my high school mate. My very very very lovely friends :) Dini Fitriani Tjarma and Ainun Asqollany.

I went there by electric train and stop for a while at Inun's. We had some ridiculous chat and "stupid" experiences a long long long years ago. Keep it as a wise learning may .. :)

And after that Inun and I went to Warung Steak and Shake for had our early dinner. Then, Dini came with a lil surprise. And it was a conspiracy between her and Inun. Wooooaah .. you've got me dear .. :')
Two piece of Tiramishu Cake made me so speechless and the other people at the restaurant stared at us hehehe ..

Thanks for your kindness Dinsay and Idun .. There's no words that could out from my tounge hehehe . Speechless. This was so priceless to me and made me ... *feel in the blank :'')*


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