Saturday, August 4, 2012

Unexpected July (2)

Well, this is the second unexpected July. Actually this journey to Sawarna has been  planned for a long time before. So, it was expectedly unexpected. Why? Because Sawarna has a great view. Really gorgeous! So, it was beyond my expectation. In a positive connotation for sure.. 

A holiday to Sawarna has been planned by some friends in my batch. They made a committee and made some itinerary for us, batch 2009 (Management and Accounting). Actually that plan has been told from i-don’t-know-when-it-told LOL! I Forgot. So long time ago yet has been realized just 3 weeks ago. It held on July 6th till July 8th. We got there by bus and it took 8 hours from Jakarta.  Sawarna was located in the southern of Java Island. So, the coastline directly faces the Indonesian Ocean. The waves were so damn marvelous yet dangerous. So, we had to quite carefully while playing on the coast. Moreover, a couple days before there was an accident happened. 3 high school students were sunk when they were taking a picture nearby the coastline. A lil bit spooky, huh?

Back to the main topic :) so we got there and the first schedule is visit the natural cave at the village. The name of the cave is Goa Lalay. The cave was so beautiful. There was a river inside and it has no ending. Besides, there were some cool stalactites and stalagmites. Actually, at that cave there were so many bats. But it was. Now, they didn’t exist anymore. They were doing a migration.

After we were doing some exploration inside, we were going back to the inn. We had lunch first then we went to the coast for doing some games and seeing the sunset.

At the evening then we had a barbeque party and doing some silly games. The punishment for being looser was so embarrassing! It was totally fun though LOL!

We only spent one night there, so at the morning we have to pack our stuff on and doing some preparation to go back to Jakarta. The experiences there were so memorable and our sense belonging as one batch became stronger J I proud to be yours, batch 2009!!! WOW EXCELLENT!


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