Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Comes Up Spontaneously

Have you ever heard about the fairy tales ?
I bet you ever heard about it . And how was it going ? happy ending ? ABSOLUTELY YES!
And how was the main characters ? ABSOLUTELY CHARMING and BEAUTY!

fairy tales

And now , how about the real life ?
The reality is not as smooth as the story in the fairy tales and either the main characters .
Yaa .. in the real life you won't meet such those things easily. It DOES exist but sooo rarely. But I do believe, every people have their own story and also how about they're ending the story .. and the one similar thing that i want to emphasize is you'll met the miserable condition first then you'll get your truly happiness .. :)) like the most of the fairy tales did . It truly happen ..

cheers ,


Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Awkward Dream

heii ..
you know what was my dream last morning at the 1st day in 2011 ?

hahahaha .. it was so ridiculuos .
and i almost remember all of the scene .
it was sooooooooooooooo rare to happen !!! TRUST ME .
because i'm a person who typically can't or very hard to remember what i dream of .
and i didn't know why my friend could came to my dream . hahaha

well i dreamt one of my friend .
i went to the surabi restaurant and accidentally we met each other there .
i order 2 pandan-choco surabi with brown sugar sauce and so does my friend.
but the difference is .. my friend only ate the half of the surabi and the souce is sooooo much .
and I said "hei , you don't eat the surabi with sauce but you ate the sauce with surabi!!! LOL"
then we laughed together . sooo out loud till we sat . LOL
the situation was very funny . tons of funny .. :) and we were so so so happy ..

well we went to the table and had a sit.
we were talking about the food in that restaurant when my friend's friends came.
i guessed they were my friend's bestfriend. 1 boy and 3 girls.
me and my friend were so awkward.
my friend's face expression changed so did I.
and at first my friend greet them and finally introduced me as-exactly i didnt hear clearly because it was so fast when my friend spelled it- my friend's friend.
I guess. hahaha ..
then my friend's bestfriend went to the stage to sang a song .
and at the table was only two of us .
then i didnt know what happened and my friend just move and went to another table..

after that the situation between us was really quiet and sooo clumsy for a long time ..

theeeen ... the end :)))))))

i think i've too much watched korean-drama .. LOL